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Your wedding day should be about you and the story that will be told for years to come, so, it's important to choose a wedding photographer that can tell the story of your wedding. One of the ways we do this is with our wedding trailer Video-Fusion set to music.
Rene Diaz Photography is a premier wedding photographer in the Binghamton, NY and the southern tier area. We've done wedding storytelling for hundreds of brides and grooms over the years, and would love to tell your story too!
If you're planning on having a wedding in Binghamton New York, or surrounding areas, we have a few recommendations from a photographer's point of view.
First, as you may already know, there are thousands of web sites that you can go to get advice on how to choose a wedding photographer, we would recommend choosing a reputable website such as "Wedding Paper Davis." There you will find helpful information from A to Z on wedding planning.
We believe that part of choosing a wedding photographer is to be able to connect with them and find common ground because you will be spending 8 to 10 hours with them on your wedding day, and that can be a long time with someone you can't get along with. When a bride and groom tells us "we want you to photograph our wedding" what they're really saying is we want you to be a part of the most important day in our lives, so we take this responsibility very seriously.
Also, equally important is the investment you will make in choosing a wedding photographer. Think about it for a minute, after the wedding is done and the flowers have dried up, the reception hall is dark and empty, and the music is a faded memory, your photographs will be the most important lasting memory of your wedding day.

Please take a moment to call Rene Diaz Photography today, and together let's create the memory of a lifetime!

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