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Lifestyle portraits capture the beauty of your life in portraits. Whether it's family, love, laughter or the beauty of you, Rene Diaz Photography will capture your special moment. We also offer Business/Executive portraits.

We always suggest when doing executive/actor headshots that you have a hair and makeup stylists that knows how to get "a client" ready for media appearances. A hear and makeup artist will make a huge difference in your headshot and make life easier when it comes to post production.
Give us a call to book your headshot session. We have makeup artist that are read to make your photo experience all that you need...just let us know if this added service can be one that you like to incorporate into your photo session.

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Dillon Thomas(non-registered)
I hired Rene Diaz of Our Dreams Photography initially for headshots. After working with him I am so impressed by his passion for fashion photography that we are collaborating on additional fashion shoots. If you are an aspiring model or actor and live in the greater NY or PA area I recommend that you seriously consider Our Dreams Photography. Rene Diaz is an extraordinary photographer and I am very impressed with his creative lighting techniques.Rene has unique vision and creative drive for fashion shoots. I am very excited to work with Rene on building my portfolio.
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